Our core technologies are where we start with our custom solutions. They include:


We help our clients outline their strategic goals and initiatives to help them achieve their vision by way using a technology roadmap to determine which technologies to pursue and outline their implementation plans. A customized technology roadmap should ensure that technology and infrastructure investments will meet the short-term and long-term goals of the organization. Our services include:

  • Technology Vision
  • Creating your Enterprise Strategy
  • Strategic Intent
  • Technology Intelligence
  • Process of Absorbing a Revolutionary Technology


Our gateway is matrix of modular/scalable, end to end, in-house, integrated products consisting of many parts of the whole field of innovation: strategy innovation, new product development, creative approaches to problem solving, idea management, suggestion systems etc. In this new era of systemic innovation, Absoft designs your firm's innovation process holistically and can deliver custom gateway solutions or augment an existing device.

  • Embedded software development of sensor data collection solutions
  • Cross-functional management to deliver near real-time performance
  • Data flow management for large data sets
  • PCB design and I/O integration
  • Power management
  • Cloud connectivity


A critical requirement of business agility is severely impaired by unpredictable “firefighting” nature of IT Ops work, making it difficult for teams to maintain a consistent flow of value-adding work. For any IoT network to be secure and highly reliable, connectivity infrastructure aligning the needs of IT Operations with the business is critical for success. It consists of modular, scalable, End to End, In-house Developed Industrial grade Products with Seamless integration.

  • Knowledge management and collaboration
  • Performance measurement and business intelligence
  • Thinking backward from customer value, not forward from IT capabilities
  • Addresses the intersection of Lean, Six Sigma, and Information Systems
  • Teach principles of Lean-to IT operations to achieve improved quality and performance


Implementing IoT, Sensor Technology and Connected Cloud Technologies across all industries. Absoft can develop cloud connectivity solutions that enable functionality such as:

  • Have the gateway send periodic “heartbeats” to the cloud server to let it know that the sensor network is alive and healthy
  • Have the gateway and smart sensor devices receive “pushed” commands, configuration and software updates
  • Support for application-level system management and analytics software
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Software and Hardware
  • Designed Specifically to Improve Effectiveness